More of our Team

Pop Culture Collaborative
Stephanie Riggs - Refinery 29

The Sozé Agency - Michael Skolnik, Paola Mendoza, & Daniel Alejandro Davis,

Randi Zuckerberg - Marketing and Experiential Leader

Di McCarter - CEO Furlined

Chris Meador - Facebook/Marketing

Erica Williams Simon - Influencer and Social Media Content Leader

Michael Slaby  Analytics, Organizing, Technology and Transformation

Daniel Teweles - Brand and Major Partnerships

Jenny Gottstein - Experience Designer and Brand Strategist

Nadiyah Quander- Creative Leadership and Non-Profit Strategies

Mary Angelica Molina - Writer and Producer

Michael Slaby - Technologist and Political Strategist

Jeff Stark - Experiential and Immersive Leader

David Van Eyssen - Collaborator and Brand Strategist

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson - Ocean and Environmental Leader

Noah Nelson - No Proscenium

Baratunde Thurston - Daily Show, Influencer

Andrew Slack - Harry Potter Alliance

Rachael Chong - Social Impact Investment Leader - Catchafire

Megan Elliott - Executive Director of Johnny Carson Center for the Emerging Arts

Amanda Levine - Ruler Brand Entertainment

Intelligent Mischief - Wakanda Dream Lab

Adepero Oduye - Actor, Director, Activist

Carl Choi - The Great Company

Carl Faber - Lighting Designer and Solar Activist

Tommy Denton - Escape Room Creative and Specialist

Eva Price - Producer and Creative Leader

Jim Glaub

JIM GLAUB is a recognized leader in innovative marketing, social media, web design and video production for the theatre and has worked on over fifty Broadway shows.