Tracy Sturdivant / The League

The League, is a new experimental narrative change agency. The League will explore strategies that help social change movements and entertainment leaders leverage peak moments in pop culture. Tracy Sturdivant is the ED of The League and was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Make It Work. For the last 20 years, she has worked to strengthen democracy for all. A self-professed “one-woman coalition,” Tracy has been a leader and strategist inside progressive organizations and philanthropic institutions dedicated to increasing the civic participation of women, people of color and youth. She was most recently Executive Director of State Voices. Tracy serves on several boards, including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Greenpeace USA, and Higher Heights for America, where she is Board Chair. She loves to travel, pretend she is a contestant on Top Chef, and spend time with her family—especially her 2 year-old nephew in Detroit, her hometown.

Jim Glaub

JIM GLAUB is a recognized leader in innovative marketing, social media, web design and video production for the theatre and has worked on over fifty Broadway shows.